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Val Rendena Val Rendena is about 20 km long, starting from the little village of Verdesina to the 1650 mt of Campo Carlo Magno. The first thing you notice when you travel through Val Rendena is the exceptional diversity of the natural landscape of Adamello Brenta Nature Park: eastward the Brenta Dolomites with their majestic heights, westward the peaks of the granitic groups of Adamello and Presanella. Val Rendena has many beautiful and wild little branched valleys: Val San Valentino, Val di Borzago, Val Genova and Val Nambrone, Val Brenta e Val d’Agola. Here the fauna is rich in many rare animals, as the last specimen of alpine bear. Going through Val Rendena you can see typical little villages, often some houses with little squares and bell towers around them. The first villages you meet entering Val Rendena are Villa Rendena, Iavrè, Darè, Vigo Rendena. Pelugo history is linked to the cemetery church dedicated to St. Antonio, frescoed by Bergamo painters of Cinquecento. Spiazzo was the centre of all Rendena communities: in fact here “Pieve di Rendena” was based to seal the central position of the village and the importance of religion with St. Vigilio martyrdom. Strembo, Bocenago and Caderzone Terme, gathered around their bell towers, overlook Sarca river, They are characterized by an alpine rural culture, that you can see in the houses architecture and in the religious frescos which often decorated the houses. In the high part of Rendena Valley you find the villages of Giustino – originated in the Roman age, Massimeno, Pinzolo – the main center of the valley, and Carisolo that leads to Val Genova westward and to Madonna di Campiglio northward, passing through Sant’Antonio di Mavignola. Pinzolo is the heart of the valley, with its churches as the cemetery church of S. Vigilio.

Holiday in Brenta Dolomites Madonna di Campiglio, Pinzolo and Val Rendena are the perfect resorts for your mountain holiday, with the Brenta Dolomites in the east and the Adamello and Presanella range in the west. At the sight of the Brenta Dolomites – UNESCO heritage – you will spend your time among ski, excursion, walks, mountain bike and many other opportunities. Let’s find out the holiday offers for your stay in the Dolomites, the proposals for your skiing holiday weeks and the services that these resorts offer! Traditional food and recipes of the Rendena valley The traditional food of Val Rendena sinks its roots into a poor past and features wholesome ingredients and exquisitely authentic flavors like the cornflour for polenta, garden produce, herbs and other aromas. Sausages and cheeses, polenta, mushrooms and wild game are typical Val Rendena delicacies. Tradition follows the seasonality. For this reason, pumpkin soup and apple and walnut pie are the main delicacies on the table of the locals during the autumn season. Not seasonal but an evergreen is the classic apple pie: it is said the best one is that baked by Ms. Natalia at Rifugio 5 Laghi. It’s actually the cherry on the cake after a day of sport. Revisited under a local taste, the typical Italian-style food like spaghetti. Delicious are those cooked by the chef of Rifugio Lago Nambino Spaghetti alla Carbonara di Trota. The area also features a variety of grappas flavored with wild berries and other mountain plants, such as dwarf pine and woodruff, as well as a unique spirit distilled from gentian root, which is made exclusively in the valley and it is ideal as a digestive after even the most lavish of meals. Of particular note the cheeses of the valleys made from the milk of Rendena cows, the only breed of cattle that is native to the Trentino area and has Slow Food status. A folklore event is also dedicated to them: it’s the traditional end-of-summer event Giovenche di Razza Rendena. Skiarea Campiglio Dolomiti di Brenta 156 km of connected slopes for skiing from Madonna di Campiglio to Pinzolo, in the largest ski area of Trentino Skiing in Trentino, at the feet of the Brenta Dolomites, is really exciting: enjoy yourself skiing in the 156 km of slopes of the ski area. From the great slopes of Madonna di Campiglio, to the exciting red ones of Pinzolo and the challenging black ones as the Dolomitica and Pancugolo slopes, the ski area Campiglio Dolomiti di Brenta has really many different ski runs where you can put yourself to the test! Ski area: not to be missed DoloMitica: the longest ski run, with the greatest descent (5,750m long, with a vertical drop of 1,248m), the steepest downhill with a maximum slope over 70% Schumacher Streif: the last part of Spinale Direttissima ski run, the second steepest downhill with a maximum slope of 70% Ursus Snow Park: one of the top 5 snowboard parks in the Alps Pinzolo-Campiglio Express: the gondola lift with the best panoramic view Canalone Miramonti: the slope of the World Cup, floodlit for skiing in the night Dolomiti Express: a “train in the Dolomites” to reach the ski lifts of Val di Sole, and therefore Madonna di Campiglio and Pinzolo. Cross-country Skiing Cross-country skiing is great for those of you looking for a more intensive workout at slower speeds, so that you can better enjoy the woodlands of the Adamello Brenta Nature Park. The area around Madonna di Campiglio, Pinzolo and Val Rendena offers two different opportunities of those who love Nordic skiing: 22 km Campo Carlo Magno cross-country trails 5 km Carisolo cross-country trails

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